How to get STB? (Directly or thru Cable Operator) ?

Customer can call the Customer care Service of e-Digital (080-67414444) for new connection STB. Or customers can Co-ordinate directly with Local Cable Operator.

What is the guarantee/ warranty period for STB ?

STB carries one year Warranty from date of activation. Hence fault not covered for (Burnt STB/Remote/Adaptor).

Who will service my STB (company/operator) ?

Servicing will be done by the company thru the local operator.

My remote is not functioning. Who will repair it ?

Remote will be replaced at very nominal charges by Local Cable Operator.

How many boxes will I have to buy if I have more than 1 TV set ?

1 STB for each TV

After we shift our premises / location, what happens to the STB ?

If you plan to shift your residence, please inform your Cable Operator the STB has to be returned to your Cable Operator. In case if you are shifted to any of the e-Digital locations you can use the same STB by informing your local cable operator to give the request for Customer care Service and shift & activate to Particular are Local Cable Operator. But if your new residence does not come under e-Digital service area, we have refundable policy; the money will be returned once your Local Cable Operator decides as per your payment track with Local Cable Operator.

Do you have a double audio feed for some channels (different languages ?)

Yes, it is possible through our Digital STBs, wherever a broadcaster gives more than 1 audio (language) feed.

I had kept my STB OFF for 2 days and no channels were visible. There was a message on the TV screen“Channel Not Authorized” Please contact your cable operator / Customer Care?

When you keep your STB OFF for longer time your channels get cut-off. This is because of the technology. Re-sending of ICC, Pairing and Activation command through the call center will solve this problem.

Does the storm, rain or weather effect my digital STB and viewing through STB ?

No, since the basic carrier is cable, the weather vagaries have no impact on Digital Cable and no dishes are involved, there is no such problem for Digital Cable.

What if I don’t like the service? Am I stuck with this STB ?

Not at all, you will have a choice, unlike other service providers! We believe that digital cable has the maximum ability to provide variety, choice and DVD quality. However, if you are still not satisfied, then as per procedures and guidelines you are also allowed to return your STB with your deposit refunded. A 25% per annum depreciation will be deducted from your deposit.

If I have any complaint how it will get resolved ?

You just have to call the local cable operator number given to you at the time of installation.

Sometimes I don’t get Channels like Zee, Sony, Star Plus, Nicklodeon, Star Movies etc. (Pay Channels), at the same time I am getting channels like DD1, ETV Marathi, (FTA Channels).
If the STB is not put on Standby mode/Left ON for 8-10hrs you may face these problems. Please put STB on standby mode before you switch off TV set. Resending of ICC, Pairing and Activation command through the call centre will solve this problem. It is also possible because of bad signal quality or NO signal. In such case please call your local cable operator to rectify the problem.