OFC Features

Ultra high speed, reliable connectivity, where you need it when you need it.
Less signal degradation and Clear TV reception.

We have the 4th largest underground Optic Fiber networks measuring 2000 Kms in Bangalore and its rural areas, leases out Dark Fibers from point to point.
We offers project management and consultancy services for both intercity and intracity project management and turnkey projects of various companies.
We also undertake complete service implementation, Surveillance and protection of the OFC network on 24/7 field support and customer care management to ensure high up-time & minimal restoration time.
We provide ILL through OFC across multiple locations across the state. This is a boon to the enterprise customers who face major challenge to interconnect their offices spread across the region.
We provide last mile solutions to all Major Telecom operators & NLD providers on OFC across the state of Karnataka. Enterprise customers, Manufacturing units R & D labs who have their plants in the remote corners can be easily connected.
We have our own OFC installation and maintenance team to cater to any connectivity in the region. FRT team is decentralized and highly mobile which responds to any link issues immediately.